Prayer – for a Sister in Need of Good Medical Test Results

Lord, Jehovah, prayer for good test resultsGod of Healing, we come to you today, to lift up a dear sister. You knit her together in the womb. You know every cell in her body and the whole path of her life. Nothing comes as a surprise to You, Creator God of all things. You are not bothered by the technologies of men, or their time tables. You already know the grace that she needs today, tomorrow and in the future. You already know the outcome of this situation and are prepared to meet her and her loved ones, in the way that they have need.

But, oh, dear Abba Father, my sister needs to know that and feel that today. To know that weeks before this came up, that You were already there, preparing the way of her Salvation, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

But, dear Father, it is so hard not to lean on our own understanding, and to try and plot possible scenarios, and “fix” everything. We are so frail and so human, and so female.

But, Lord of all, please let her look around and notice, that You are carrying her, right now, and there is nothing to plan, to fix, to figure out. When you are in the Shepherd’s arms, you do one thing – rest!

Lord Jesus, please help her to “be still and know that you are HER God, and the God of all her cells, her Dr’s, and her test results.

Lord, you confound the wise with your actions, and we pray that what seems like a true medical fact, is an opportunity to bring praise to You for Your Truth, by a good result on the next test.

Help the Dr’s to wonder, and to ask, and to receive knowledge of answered prayers. Help this dear sister to praise Your name throughout this situation, no matter what her understanding leads her to believe.


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2 Responses to Prayer – for a Sister in Need of Good Medical Test Results

  1. joan says:

    thank you for this blessed prayer. I need it today and in the coming days. may God continue to bless each one of us.

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