Prayer – for Young Victims of Sexual Molestation

Shepherd of our Souls, we come to you today, knowing that all your dear sheep are safely protected in your arms. We come praising You, for your foreknowledge of this situation, and knowing that You are already redeeming this situation for Your glory. Thank You!

We know that You will restore that which the locusts and the enemy have taken. The enemy seeks to destroy, but You are the restorer of innocence lost, whether to the women at the well, accused of adultery, or the innocent victims of sexual molestation. You alone can wash our garments clean of the filth of our own sin, and that of the fallen world around us.

We praise You that You have called our name, and we are Your own! We thank you that despite our sinful nature, we were able to hear the call of Your sweet, loving voice, when it came.

We pray today, for those that are still lost in sin, and that know nothing better. Shepherd, you once said, as you hung on the cross dying for our sins, that “they know NOT what they do”. Your death was for the forgiveness of all those sins! Shall we not then, seek to forgive those who transgress against our children? Can we do less, knowing how much we are forgiven? Is one sin less awful than another?

As the parent of an offended innocent, we can feel like this is the most awful crime of all, short of murder, but we know, dear Shepherd, that we are ALL sinful, and cannot control our sin natures, without your forgiveness and the work of the Holy Spirit.

We must then come to a day when we can acknowledge through the pain, disappointment, and anger, that the people who perpetrate these crimes, have often, themselves, been abused and hurt. We must also realize that they do not have the control of the Holy Spirit working in their lives, and there is NO fruit of righteousness in them. We cannot expect good fruit from a dead tree, oh Shepherd, and yet, we often do, to our own hurt.

Therefore, we bring this abuser to your throne and make petition. We pray that Your still small voice and Your knock at the door of their hearts, may be heard before it is too late, and we all have to stand in Judgment before you, in the final day.


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