Nothing is more important than today!

I took the whole (Memorial Day) weekend to do only what I wanted to do.

I took all my meals by myself. I got a lot of things done around the house to make my atmosphere better and to MY liking.

I was able to organize my whole thread collection. I know, you are snoozing now, thinking how OCD can you be? But I want to start sewing again, and I needed to get this done.

Because I have such bad vision these days, I took a marker and marked the slit that holds the thread in RED, so I can use the spools with ease.

And GLORY, I ended up with some empty ones that I can now use in my art as stamps, etc.

This all started when I landed an old lady’s WHOLE thread collection down the street for $6 whole bucks. Heck, a single spool is about $6 these days. And this is the old NICE quality thread in every color you can imagine. It is like I have an artist’s palette now.

nothing-is-worth-more-than-this-dayEarlier that day, I had a tea party brunch with myself on our Parisian table and chair on the porch, using all my best china and silver. I looked down, and my tea cup said, “Nothing is more important than today.

I thought, how fitting, that as I sailed around my house to pick just the “right” cup, and went with a Mary Engelbreit one, that I hadn’t even read the saying until I sat down to enjoy using it.

What a metaphor for life.

We often miss the MOST important nuances in our day, with all our sailing around. Time to sit, and savor the tea, was what it took to read the saying. That set the tone for my whole weekend.

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