Prayer – for a Someone in Need of Good Medical Test Results

Lord, Jehovah, prayer for good test resultsGod of Healing, we come to you today, to lift up a dear one who needs You.

You knit each of us together in the womb. You know every cell in our bodies and the whole path of our lives.

Nothing comes as a surprise to You, Creator God of all things.

You are not bothered by technology, or our time table. You already know the grace that this dear one needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

You already know the outcome of this situation, and are prepared to meet every need.

Oh, dear Abba, this dear one needs to know that and feel that today. To know that before this medical problem even came up, that You were already there, preparing the way, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Dear Father, it is so hard not to lean on our own understanding. We try to plot every possible scenario, and fix everything. We are so frail, and so human.

Yet all this time, Lord, You have been carrying this dear one. There is nothing to plan, to fix, to figure out. When you are in the Shepherd’s arms, you do one thing – rest!

Lord Jesus, help us all to “be still and know that you are God.” The God of our cells.

Lord, You confound the wise. Right now, what seems like an undeniable, scientific medical fact, is an opportunity to confound the wisdom of science with a good result on this medical test. We pray for that.


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227 Responses to Prayer – for a Someone in Need of Good Medical Test Results

  1. joan says:

    thank you for this blessed prayer. I need it today and in the coming days. may God continue to bless each one of us.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Joan, I will be praying for you!!

      • Dee says:

        Dear father in heaven my nephew has surgery 0ctober 25,2017 to check bone for cancer I ask that they find no trace of cancer or other sickness or diseases and that all of his test come back negative for everything they think could be wrong .make his test results negative in Jesus name I will shout and let human kind know about your ponderous miracles father please make his test negative and continue to heal his body from pneumonia

        • Holly Nelson says:

          My team and I are praying with you.
          May the Lord God hear and answer your prayers because He always do.
          There is a reason for everything and our life has purpose.

          In Jesus name, no more sickness to your household.

          Amen and amen!

      • Randy says:

        Please pray for my wife Julie as she awaits mri test results because of her double vision. She has been battling breast cancer and going through chemo treatments and I just pray that the vision problems are just a side effect of the chemo. I pray that God will heal her body and relieve the stress and anxiety that this has put on me and my family and that the test results will come back clear and not show any problems. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen!

  2. Rita says:

    I was browsing for such a prayer and I found this one. I am about to undergo various followup tests and I need lots of prayers so the results come back better and improved. Please pray for me. Thank you so much

  3. sidney says:

    please pray for my husband sidney who is getting a bowel test done on friday we really need your prayers

  4. Pam McDaniel says:

    I pray someone will read this prayer that God has called upon to pray for me. As I lay here in the hospital awaiting tests results I found this prayer and I need you. I give all of this to the Lord and ask for blessings of favorable tests and complete knowledge and healing of my body, mind and soul. I am only human and as I lay here I am scared …I need peace. There has been so much going on in my life that has torn my life and health down and I am weak…I need strength. My body is in need of healing and I ask for complete healing through the blood of Christ. Thank you with every fiber of my being for your prayers. In Jesus name… Amen

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Pam, I just sent you an email. I am standing with you sister. I am praying for you in all earnestness. You are not alone. He is always with you, and understands your fear. I understand your fear. Arms around you, sister.

    • Helen Mccauley says:

      Dear Lord we ask that you would bless and heal this sister as she awaits the test results. We know that you are our HEALER and provider in the name of Jesus amen.

    • Godfrey Ikuvwerha says:

      The Lord will strengthen your weak hands and feeble kness and create a healing path for you. What is lame will not be dislocated but healed instead. By His strips you are healed amen in Jesus name

  5. Pat says:

    Please pray for my sister Margaret that her CT scan tomorrow does not reveal the return of cancer. These past 2 1/2 years have been so good for her and we are praying fervently that she remains healthy.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Please pray for my daughter, Danielle who has a medical appointment today.

    Thank you.

  7. Tino says:

    please pray for my wife Chantel that by God’s will her MRI results will show her cancer has not spread and please pray for the anxieties that this whole ordeal brings us,especially for tomorrow’s doctor’s visit.thank you and God bless you.

  8. Nana says:

    Pray fro me please. I am very frightened as my husband await his ct scan results today. I am beside my self with fear. Please someone reach out to me .

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Nana, I am praying for you and your husband. God is faithful to walk us through our fears. His son, Jesus, was scared in the garden before the crucifixion. So much so that He ask for the cup of wrath to be removed from Him. It’s okay to be frightened. He understands. He has suffered as we do. But we must trust Him anyway. Not based on our circumstances, but because of His character. He is for us. He will not leave us. He has victory over death. Bless you dear heart. You are not alone.

  9. Angela says:

    Please pray for me. Am going to get tested to see why my last pap smear came back abnormal. I have cervtcancer. Have been through chemo a Mmm d radiation treatment. Need prayers.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Thank you for commenting on my blog. As I prayed for you today, I saw you as a brave, beautiful, strong, and godly woman.

      I am honored that you reached out to me for prayer. I know I cannot imagine what you must be going through, but I can imagine how God sees you. How He is FOR you, FOR your future, FOR your family. He has plans for you. Plans for good, not harm.

      He is using your suffering, fear, and brokenness to plumb the depths of His goodness.

      I hope you are nestled in His embrace right now, and above all, gazing into His eyes. He has this. He has you.

      Let me know your results. I would love to continue to support you.

  10. Tonia Knight says:

    Please pray for my husband Eric he had two abnormal liver test done within a weeks time. We are waiting on the third test result to confirm. We should get the test results within the next day or two. God Bless You. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dear Lord, please help this dear couple to be fully alive in Your presence. Remind them that the Holy Spirit is praying for them, weeping with them, and comforting them with a comfort that passes all understanding. Help them to be still, and know that you are God. To leave all feelings of control, fear, and anxiety, and replace them with silence, in your presence. Time for reflection, where your true nature will be unfolded to them, and all fear will be replaced with calm, and peace.


  11. Titu says:

    Please pray for my husband we have a test upcoming on July

    • Holly Nelson says:

      May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit comfort you in this space between tests. May you know that the Holy Spirit utters prayers for you, that you cannot manage yourself. That Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father, and does intercession for you, and that the Father wants only good things for you and your husband. Jer. 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Praying for you!

  12. Virginia Rusch says:

    Please send up prayers for my husband, Bob. He is hospitalized with pneumonia and an issue with his heart, as well as a biopsy ordered by oncologist. Please pray he be healed, that the tests are normal. Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dear Lord, please help this dear couple to be fully alive in Your presence. Remind them that the Holy Spirit is praying for them, weeping with them, and comforting them with a comfort that passes all understanding. Help them to be still, and know that you are God. To leave all feelings of control, fear, and anxiety, and replace them with silence, in your presence. Time for reflection, where your true nature will be unfolded to them, and all fear will be replaced with calm, and peace.


    • Holly Nelson says:

      Our Father, who art in heaven, we bring before you, Bob, and his wife, Virginia. We know they are always in Your presence, for you created them, they are your work, and you called your work, GOOD. We grieve and groan under the fallen nature of this world. We, collectively, give that pain to You, to the Holy Spirit, and to Jesus. We thank you that the Holy Spirit prays for us, and is our comforter. We thank you that Jesus became fully human, while being fully God, and suffered, so that when we suffer, we are in the fellowship of His suffering. Yet, He gets to write the final chapter. Whether in life, or in death, you are there. And the final chapter is always LIFE, eternal, in the presence of the trinity. We rejoice then, in this suffering, for it is but a moment compared to the glories of things to come.

  13. kaye says:

    Dear Jesus,

    I fervently pray that my upcoming biopsy will reveal that I do not have cancer. Have mercy on me dear Jesus I want to be healthy and live longer for my 1 year old son. I know nothing is impossible to you. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dear Kaye, we join you in prayers to our almighty God, and the Great Physician. We pray for divine intervention. We pray that God’s will and His glory will be made manifest in our faith. I pray for support for Kaye, for friends and family to circle her in prayer, and love. I pray that the anxiety of the wait be overcome by the Holy Spirit’s peace, that passes all understanding. That fear be replaced by joy, joy in who you are, your power, and your great love for us.

  14. Lynn says:

    Please pray for my mothers ct scan in a few hours that it may no show signs of any recurrence cancer or growths. Please pray that she will get good test results and the cause of her anemia will be easy fixable. Thank you.

  15. Net says:

    Hi. Will u join me in prayer. It has been a year for me. One thing after the other but God is still Good! I had a a1c test done this morning. I ask that u join in believing and knowing that it is normal.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      I am praying for you, my friend. I have been battling Lyme Disease for 50 years. One thing I know. It is not about our staying out of the valley of death. It is about how we walk through it. Brave girl, I am walking with you. Jesus is always there. He never leaves us. In fact, it is in this valley that we learn most about his nature, his love for us, his tears over us. The hush of a moonlit hug from Jesus. Just you and Jesus. You can do this, brave girl. Live. Just live. Do it anyway.

  16. M says:

    Please pray for me! I need prayer regarding a blood test that I had. I’m still waiting for results and should be getting the results tomorrow. I also need peace as I’m getting anxious waiting to hear back from the doctor. God is so good and I thank Him in advance for the great results in Jesus name

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Praying with you, and for you!! I know that anxiety well. You will get through to the other side. I am so glad for your faith in God. He is what gets us through these times.

  17. stephanie says:

    I pray for my dearest partner john as he awaits test results from ct scan..I pray with a whole heart that he will be healthy and we can get married soon and look forward to our future together.lord Jesus help us during this difficult time waiting.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dear Stephanie, we join you in prayers to our almighty God, and the Great Physician. We pray for divine intervention. We pray that God’s will and His glory will be made manifest in our faith. I pray for support for you, for friends and family to circle you in prayer, and love. I pray that the anxiety of the wait be overcome by the Holy Spirit’s peace, that passes all understanding. That fear be replaced by joy, joy in who you are, your power, and your great love for us.

      • stephanie says:

        Thank you so very much for your prayers. They have been answered and has renewed my faith in prayer…. Test results were given today and are clear… I am so very grateful to our lord and st Theresa of the roses for helping us too…after a week of worrying we can now look forward to a bright future and plan our wedding.. Which now has a powerful meaning to our future together..thanks again Stephanie

        • Holly Nelson says:

          Stephanie, such exciting news!! I am beyond moved by this answer to prayer and what it will forever mean to you and John. When it comes to God’s answers to prayer, expect the unexpected. Most of the greatest gifts and deepest joys that God gives us come wrapped in painful packages. And that is why our faith is renewed. Blessings and congratulations to you both.

  18. JOAN says:

    I am schedule to under go a follow up mammogram and blood work. Please pray that the results will be better and that there will be no need for further exams

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Joan, I lift you up to our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Please be with Joan and give her comfort and peace during this time. Please help her to see by faith, Your care and attention. Please be with Joan in this journey and where it’s Your will, bring about healing to her body. Please be with her family, as well, as they join their loved one on this journey. Amen

    • Maritza says:

      I go today for a recheck on my mamo.. I am scared.. reading all these comments and prayers have made me somewhat a little less nervous.. i hope my results are good. praying.. tho i am not very religious but i have always believed in god.
      pray for me as well.. if you dont mind.. god bless..hope youre results were good as well.

  19. Rose says:

    Please pray for my husband. He has COPD and now a new pain in his lung has prompted an x-ray. I am terrified as we await the results. I can’t stop crying. I know God is with us, but I can’t help feeling anxious as I know that as much as God loves us, he sometimes allows his people to suffer. I feel angry at God because of that. Sometimes I even doubt his existence. Please lift up up my family in your prayers.

  20. rosemary says:

    Pls pray for. Me as I go for a medical test tomorrow, I pray dis prayer point we meet me @ d point of my need tnx

    • priyanka says:

      Please pray for my brother tomorrow is his repeated test for tuberculosis,
      It has to be a negative and to be normal doctors still dono what is the problem repeatedly tests are done, in tomorrow’s test Jesus blessing must be a the report must come in negative


  21. Ajoa says:

    Please assist me in prayers for my son Michael who is having Mmr scan in October Father God I know. this is your job and your field No one can do your wk In the name of. Jesus of Nazareth it is already done Whatever was there has been flushed away with your sacred blood whatever was crooked is straightened by the blood of Elohim please help to uplift. this faith I alread have with your support and prayers in His. Powerful Name Amen and Amen

  22. Anne says:

    Brethren in Christ, I needed this prayer so badly. I saw it in the Internet and has calm down my anxiety I had all day. My 18 months son will be going in for a medical test soon, I don’t sleep at night when I think of the test. Please continue to pray for my son result to come out good. To test negative of what is being tested. I’m blessed to have read your prayer. God bless you

  23. David says:

    My son is waiting on biopsy results from an enlarged lymph node in his neck. He is 6 weeks away from graduation with a new 3 1/2 month old son. Please pray for negative results from his biopsy.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      David, may the Father, Son and Holy Spirit comfort you in this space waiting for results. May you know that the Holy Spirit utters prayers for you, that you cannot manage yourself. That Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father, and does intercession for you, and that the Father wants only good things for for your son. Jer. 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Praying for you!

  24. Laura says:

    I have an appointment with a neurologist on Wednesday about an abnormal MRI of my head. Please pray that whatever is wrong is minor and can be treated. Please pray for peace as I wait. Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Laura, I am praying with you. May the Holy Spirit take the utterances of your heart to the throne, and cover you with the wings of comfort, that only He can give. I pray for the Drs and nurses be kind, patient and wise. May they take the time to explain, and to comfort. Jesus Christ, it is not our will, but thine. I pray that our hearts will be joined with yours with such passion, that we are able to accept the news, knowing that pain is where we find our deepest connection with You. Amen.

  25. John says:

    Please pray for me. I am having tests ran soon. I am very scared. Pray for complete healing and no bad results

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dear Father of Light, bring John the peace and comfort he needs in this dark hour. Bring light into this situation, so much so that John can rise up from this and praise your name, as that one who gives peace that passes all understand. Amen.

  26. julie says:

    Please pray for my dad who is awaiting to hear back from his xray results,, please pray that they should come back all clear,, amen

  27. Karen Haynes says:

    Thank you for this prayer, Holly. I needed something to take my attention off myself and back onto God, to remind me that he’s got this situation all under control, and I don’t need to worry. I expect I’ll be reading it repeatedly through waiting for tests to get scheduled, the tests themselves, waiting for the results, and hopefully, finally, getting a diagnosis and treatment plan.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Karen, my goodness, I was having quite a day myself, until I read your comment. You blessed me by reminding me to keep my focus on God and not on all the stress around me. As a chronically ill person, I can really understand where you are at. I have been doing testing and waiting here, also. God is always working, and your encouragement of me today is proof of that. I love how the Body of Christ is used to give aid to those who are hurting. We were both blessed today. Thank you, friend and God be with you on your journey.

  28. Logan says:

    Please pray for my father. We are waiting for his ultrasound results on his liver. He has already been diagnosed with liver disease, but thankfully God blessed him so that it could be caught early. My father has completely changed his life around this past year, and is doing all the right things for his health. We’re so fortunate to have him in our lives. I know our father has a plan for all of us, and I trust in him fully. It’s just a scary time when you don’t know what’s going on. Bless you for having this page!

    • Holly Nelson says:

      I am joining your prayers for your father, and for you and your family. God is not surprised by these events. He has already apportioned the grace you all need for “the wait”. Spend time in silence, listening for Him, for the Holy Spirit’s comfort. He is always in our space, even when we don’t feel it. He carries us through. While it seems like “the worst time”, looking back some day, you will all realize what a special time this is. Many hugs!!

  29. Arlene Bogans says:

    God be with us we all need him I am going to things with my body but I trust in God that he will heal me in his name I trust him thank you Lord amen

  30. Scarlett says:

    Please pray for my mom. Christmas night an ER doctor told her she has a lung mass. We are waiting on a biopsy result. Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dearest Scarlett, I am praying for you both as you walk out this journey. Abba Father, your Papa, is right there with you, enfolding you in everlasting love and good will. I pray that you cling to Him and Him alone. He is your EVERYTHING. Much love to you, and a big hug!!

  31. Jan says:

    I found this prayer today as my family and I are waiting on MRI results for my granddaughter Mya Eva Carter. She was born on Sunday 8th of January by emergency c-section. The umbilical cord was around her neck and is at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and was said to have a 50/50 chance of brain damage. Should know results tonight and we are claiming in the name of JESUS that she is 100% healed. Please pray for baby Mya and our family.
    Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Jan, I have been praying for good news for your family, and especially, little Mya. No matter the outcome, please know that Jesus is holding her, and will not let go, ever.

  32. Liz Arguel says:

    thank you for this. we are in need of a lot of encouragement. this prayer help us to focus on God’s grace and remain positive that eventually things will be better for us. we thank you again.

  33. Mary Sandra says:

    Im praying to Lord Jesus that the result of my Boipsy(papsmear) tomorrow will be Normal. I don’t have Cancer.
    Lord Jesus Im very frightened ,please hold me and I believed noting is to Big for you ,

  34. A Praying Mother says:

    Thank you for this perfect prayer. My sons girlfriend has tests results and new tests she is expecting today and they are both away at college with noone near besides eachother. She has a lump in her breasts and we are praying its nothung more than just that.

  35. Daughter says:

    Thank you for this prayer. My mother is scheduled for an MRI. Bone scan showed metastasis but doctor is not convinced. We are praying for a negative result. In Jesus name!

  36. Janet says:

    Please pray for my son which suffers from depression. I know your father made him in his image so don’t believe he should suffer with this. Jesus died on the cross and took our suffering. Please pray as when more than one agree it will be done. Amen

  37. Gillian says:

    Prayer for medical report to be normal.

  38. Kyle says:

    Thank you for providing this prayer. Please pray for my mother in law as she is having medical testing done today. In Jesus name.

  39. Deon says:

    I’ve claimed a good report in the morning at 8 AM, God has already gone before and I have several friends praying for a good report. For all eyes reading this, will you believe it with me? Thank You

  40. Jocelyn Wreede says:

    Need prayers…. on my 3rd breast cancer scare. First one was a papilloma, had duct removed. Second one a fibroid tumor, and now I’ve squeezed a thick substance and blood from same breast. Saved the substance they are sending it for testing, blood test to check my prolactin levels and Tuesday another diagnostic mammo with a possible ultrasound. My cousin usually does my mammos but sadly she will be with her mother who’s having knee replacement surgery the same day in another town. So I won’t have her there to ease my anxiety like I normally do. BUT my Father will be there with me!! And is with me now! Did I mention I take Paxil for panic attacks I’ve had for over 20 yrs? Lol. Yaaaaaaa…. so I have xtra hard time controlling my physical symptoms of nerves. I’ve barely eaten or slept since yesterday morning when I expressed this blood and stuff from my breast. I’m really praying for infection. Which would make sense to me given my Zumba classes and the weather heating up, I immediately thought infected something…. duct, gland, something. Or another papilloma… my worries are mostly because my mom is almost 5 yrs out from having breast cancer stage 0, surgery and radiation. So our fears are with some reality here, she is scared for me I’m sure but doesn’t show it at all. She says I’ll be just fine. I hope so, because I’m married to the most wonderful man and have an 8 yr old blessing. I am a licensed minister and have a very strong faith so I know I’m never alone, my human side has a mind that is very concerned but hopeful. Thank a god I found this sight tonight, because I did not sleep lastnight, I need to tonight. ????

    • Holly Nelson says:

      I completely understand your anxiety. I, too, suffer with it, and it compounds the effect of our physical sufferings. My heart goes out to you. I know a secret about you, though. You are a brave girl. You do the tough things. You do hard things. You trust God. You are a BRAVE girl. You are stronger than you think.

      Here are a few passages that I hang onto in these hard valley experiences.

      “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).
      “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” (James 5:16).
      I am praying this with you today:

      “You have taught me that faith as small as a mustard seed can grow into an amazing tree. Today I give you my little seed of faith. I place it firmly in the ground of your word. I water it with truth. The warmth of your love will make it grow. Today I ask by faith that you would bring healing to my breast. I place my trust in you. May this seed bring healing into every area of my heart, my body, my mind. I trust you to redeem and restore me in all ways, with great strength and power.”


      Much love to you, and healing!

  41. Tshidi Lelaka says:

    I need prayers fr my son waiting fr university tests results including his friends. Also my mom is awaiting her medical lab TB results. Need to buy the apartment and cnt decide..need the holy spirit to intercede in all this situations. I pray fr everyone their needs be granted in the powerful name of Lord Jesus I pray.

  42. Tessy says:

    Eagerly praying for my husband who is awaiting PET results. Please keep us in prayers. We believe in powerful lord who will keep us safe

  43. Sana says:

    I need prayers… I am waiting for my my medical test result. Please pray for me to be at complete health. I also have pain in my kidney. Please pray for me.
    Thank you

  44. Uddy says:

    I key in to this prayer as my dear friend goes in for medical checks as a criteria for employment right now… Please Sir pray for him

  45. Yolanda diaz says:

    Please pray that my test results come back okay and when they perform this procedure that i may feel comfortable with no pain in that table tku in the blood of jesus…..amen

  46. Lou says:

    Please pray for me that my CT scan shows no cancer. I am so scared.

  47. Denise says:

    I’ve been in bed 19 days sick
    Please pray for me
    I get my blood test results Tomorrow
    I’m worried
    Thank You ?

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Denise, I am personally praying for you, dear. I know this fear well, and I know WHO walks with us in this valley. Put all your trust in Jesus Christ. He has sent the Holy Spirit to be your comforter!! He is tested. He is true. He is holding you right now as we speak. His strength is often only seen by us when we are at our weakest. Loving you, my dear.

  48. cristina says:

    Please pray for my father that the biopsy test results all come clear and that there will be no need for further exams …He had his biopsy today and may he feel comfortable with no pain in Jesus Mighty name
    Father God, I know you are the greatest healer and miracle worker. I claim his complete healing and recovery.
    Also praying for my mother’s good health, miraculous blessings and peace of mind as we wait for the results. Please envision my father and mother fully healthy, happy and vibrant !!
    We are so blessed and grateful to have both of them in our lives. .
    Thank you & Blessings to you for having this page.

  49. Kristin says:

    I am going in for a biopsy on Thursday (cyst in left breast). I am struggling through these days of waiting, trying to pray but feeling very far from Him. Please pray I draw closer to Him, and for normal results!

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hi Kristin,

      Just believe in Him. He is our refuge and strength.
      Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. He can really do anything.
      Just trust Him.

      Me and my team will always be praying with your total healing and peace of mind.
      In Jesus name, you will be healed and draw more closer to Him. Amen.

  50. Liza says:

    Please pray for my sister in law, she’s going to undergo CT scan today and biopsy after. Please help us pray that nothing is serious. That it’s not cancerous. That everything will just be better.

  51. Melind says:

    Prayers that the PET scan I had today shows no return of melanoma, no cancer no disease. This prayer is just what I needed tonight. Thanks you God for all you’ve done, all you’re doing and what you’re going to do. Amen!!

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hi Melind,

      How are you? We hope that everything is fine and we are always praying with you.
      We declare no disease! We declare healing for you from our God! We declare God will heal you from the inside-out.
      Keep praying to our good God. He will not give us problems that we cannot endure.

      Continue to pray to Him and just surrender everything to Him and let Him touch your heart and body to not worry because He will handle this.

      These all we pray, in Jesus name, you will be healed. Amen!



  52. Judy wolfe says:

    Please pray for my son Moses who is in the ER right now, his chiropractor sent him to get a CT scan because he feels like he may have a abdominal aortic aneurysm. He just had the Ct scan waiting for results. Thank you

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hello Judy,

      How’s Moses right now? My team and I were praying for his fast recovery and negative results.
      May our God will guide him always in his everyday life especially for his health.

      We’re praying with you as well to not be worried because our God is always good.



  53. Lucille Sanmillan says:

    Peace! Please include me in your prayers for the total healing of my breast cancer… and on October 16, 2017 st 8am I will have a total thyroidectomy operation..please pray for my successful surgery free from complications, inflammation & infection and a benign result of my biopsy. Thank you. God bless…

  54. Carla says:

    Pray for my son who is having a colonoscopy that he will have good results today.

  55. Carla says:

    Thank you!

  56. Ziyanda says:

    Please help me to prayer whilst i wait for my tests result on Thursday.I went for an operation then they took a tissue so waiting for results. I really know that with God nothing is impossible but please help me to pray for the results to be negative.

  57. Mary says:

    Please may I ask you to pray for my Darling husband Michael who is having a bowel test for cancer next week . I pray that this will be clear Lord .
    God Bless you and thank you .

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hi Mary,

      Let us continue to trust God.
      He is Sovereign and Almighty!
      God will heal everyone who asked and believe in Him.

      My team and I were praying for negative results.

      Continue to trust God more and He has a purpose in all of us.

  58. Quanda says:

    Thank you so much for this prayer. My grandson’s pediatrician said his bloodwork detected unusually high amounts of iron in his blood and referred us to a hematogist. We are standing on God’s word and declaring that he is healed in Jesus’ name. I would greatly appreciate it if you could pray with us for a positive report.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hello Quanda,

      Amen! Keep on trusting GOD despite this trial that you are facing.
      My team and I were praying with you and declaring God’s healing!

      Let’s continue praying for healing in Jesus name. Amen.

  59. Lynda Phua says:

    Please pray for my sister Phua Siew Fang which diagnosis with breast cancer grade 3, just done on Liver ultrasound scan and follow up bone scan.
    And also my brother-in-law Poh Tak Chye, gone for 3 chemo…
    Both of them will be reviewing by the doctor tomorrow.
    May our Mighty Lord, have mercy on us, keep them comfort, touch and heal them.
    In the powerful name of the Lord, we pray Amen

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hi Lynda,

      May the Lord heal both Siew Fang and Tak Chye.
      Just continue in trusting Him.
      Praying with your family.

      • Lynda Phua says:

        Thank you @ Holly Nelson & your team !
        Praise to Our mighty Lord, my sister had op for her breast and recovering well.
        May you please continuous to pray for my brother-in-law, Tak Chye as the report wasnt as good.
        May our Mighty Lord, have mercy on us, keep All unwell and sick in their comfort, touch and heal them.
        In the powerful name of the Lord, we pray Amen

  60. zmqubane says:

    My sister has been operated yesterday..I/we believe God for NEGATIVE cancer results God’s Word is the medicine to her.She is made for Health.I trust God to fulfill His Word and manifest it through her.Case closed in Jesus’s Name. Amen and Amen .

  61. Bethany says:

    Please pray that my diagnostic mammo and ultrasound come back negative. Give me the strength to stay calm during this time of waiting. Pray to ease my brain as I know in my heart that God has me surrounded by his love. Pray that I have the strength to handle whatever answers are given to me.

    Thank you!

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hello Bethany,

      Always remember that God is faithful.
      My team and I were praying with you as well.

      Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

      Just surrender everything to God and He will handle it for you.

      God bless you!

  62. Krista Loeb says:

    Please pray for me and our family.
    I am having an MRI done tomorrow on my brain for seizures. I pray that they find nothing. I am a new mom and so this is especially scary for me . I know the Lord our God has control in all situations and I pray that he lets me come through this okay.
    Thank you ! And thank you for creating this and for that wonderful prayer that verbalized so well what I feel in my heart.

  63. Marilynn Collier says:

    Pray for me as I have a breast exam today. I am confident that the Lord will see me through that nothing will be found. All my trust is in the Lord.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hi Marilynn,

      The Lord God is sovereign in our life.
      Don’t hesitate to put your trust in Him alone.

      Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

      God bless you!

  64. Paulina says:

    Please pray for me. I am hoping for a normal Pap Smear result on January 31. I am worried, anxious and full of fear. I need encouragement. I know God can heal me, he is my healer.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hi Paulina,

      Indeed, God is our Healer. He is always with you.
      Find comfort in God alone.

      “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

      God bless you!

  65. Ellen says:

    Please pray for me. I am having an imaging test today of my neck, enlarged lymph nodes. I am very scared. Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Hello Ellen,

      God is in control.
      Do not be scared because God is always with us.
      We pray that you find comfort in God alone.

      God bless you!

      • Ellen says:

        Thank you. I will find out tomorrow morning. Hoping for the best. I have been praying but I don’ know if He hears me. I hope so. God bless you. I appreciate you.

  66. Cory says:

    Please pray that my daughter’s brain CT scan is negative. So very worried lost both my parents to cancer in the last two years. She is my rock and can’t imagine her going through this so scared.

  67. emily says:

    please let test results from ct scan be negative. almost a week waiting on results. feel like im losing my mind. so very very worried

  68. Darlene says:

    I had a breast biopsy last Thursday…please pray for good results…
    Thank-you and God Bless

  69. Gigi Eduarte says:

    Please pray for my husband, Joseph Eduarte as he awaits his biopsy results in about 2 weeks ordered by his oncologist. He has fluids found outside his lungs and 2 metastatic nodules in his left lungs.
    I am terrified as we await the results. I can’t stop crying. I know God is with us, but I can’t help feeling anxious as I know that as much as God loves us, He sometimes allows His people to suffer. I feel angry at God because of that. Sometimes I even doubt His existence. Please lift up up my family in your prayers. Please pray for negative results from his biopsy.

  70. Tracey says:

    I am in need of prayer. I am awaiting test results this week. Please pray for me that they will come back as negative test results. I have high anxiety and depression. I keep praying and trusting God will bless me and my family. Thank you everyone who prays for me, it means more than you’ll ever know.

  71. Tracey says:

    My tests came back negative. Im still waiting on one more. But, i am positive it will be negative too. Praise the Lord! God is so good. Always pray without ceasing and be strong in your faith. Don’t let your heart and mind be troubled, nothing is too big for God to handle. My prayers to you all!

  72. Ella says:

    i pray someone reads this to ask god for a powerful favour for me. please pray that my results come back negative. since having my test done everyday i have been praying to god. i have read and prayed so many prayers that i have come across or thought of. please can someone pray for me. im only 18 with a 2 year old, i need God’:(

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Ella, I am praying for you. Praying without ceasing. If you seek God, you will find Him. Call out to Him, tell Him that you no longer want to live a life ignoring Him. Invite Him to become the Lord of your life. When we repent of our need to “do it alone”, and ask God to be our guide, He will join with you, and you will no longer be alone. He never rejects a repentant heart. He doesn’t want you to perish, but to be born into His life. His eternal life. He will never leave you or forsake you. Hugs, hon.

  73. Gene says:

    Please pray for me. I will take the HIV Test on March 6, 2018 Tuesday. I am praying to get a NEGATIVE/NONREACTIVE result. I repent all of my sins to God. I am really scared but I know God is with me and He loves me.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Gene, I am praying for you. Not just for your test results, but that you will find your identity in Christ. We often seek to fill the void in our lives with many things, that can lead to unfortunate consequences. I have done that so many times. There is only one true, steadfast, loyal, fulfilling Lover of our Souls. He seeks to be with you. To hold your heart. To carry your pain. Repent, not just for today, or this week, but as a complete 180° in your life. Begin to see that ego is what drives us to do many things that we know are wrong. Needing to have our egos stroked, or stroking others’ is an empty life. We can come to God, naked and give Him our egos, our need to control, to be little gods, and ask Him to be the Ruler of our hearts. He is a kind, loving father. I invite you to have a relationship with Him, not just because you are scared, but because you are tired of ego games, and ready for an authentic relationship. Much love to you.

      • Tee says:

        Gene, I am in the same boat as you. I have a home HIV test kit but Im terrified to take the test. I haven’t had sex in almost 2 years. I have repented for my sins and I know that God loves me no matter what the results are. I just feel guilty by asking God for something, knowing that what I was doing was wrong. I’ve been trying to replace my fear with faith and the promises of God so that I can be strong enough to handle the consequences of my sins. Forgiving myself for hurting some else would be something Im not sure I can handle. Thank you Gene, for the post, atleast I know that Im not alone.

        • Holly Nelson says:

          Tee, I am here for you. I recently had to get lab tests and there was a part of me that was very scared. Medical testing sees us at our most vulnerable, naked selves. But, dear friend, I stand WITH you, here, praying, that you will take the test, so that you can move forward in your life. The unknown keeps us so stuck. It is a bag of stones around our necks. No matter the results, I am here, and God is with you. You are not alone, in this situation, or in the results. You can do this. God is FOR you, not against you. He welcomes a contrite heart. I send you my love and prayers. Please, take the test, and start treatment if you need it. You are worth it.

  74. Tom says:

    My wife Nancy has had such a difficult life loosing her dad and sister to cancer on the same day two years apart. As anyone who is human would be Nancy too fears that she will suffer from the same fate. As she awaits her own test results I pray for her, me and our children that her results show no signs of anything serious. I would also ask that all suffering from any physical, mental, emotional, family, work related, social, personal, friend or relative issue please b blessed with good news and the peace that only Jesus can deliver to our minds and bodies.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Tom, what a wonderful husband you are. Your concern and love are obvious. Both for your wife and children, but also your love and faith in our Lord. There is nothing quite as fraught with anxiety as waiting for test results. I am praying for you all, in the wait, and afterwards, that you come away knowing that Christ is. He is, therefore we can be still. In the midst of the storm, He is. While we are upset and afraid, He is. Because He is not disquieted, we can trust Him. Much love.

  75. Renea burkes says:

    I have another cat scan to see if I have any more spots in my body. A previous ct scan showed 2 spots in neck one in my chest. They are thinking maybe lymphoma.dont know for sure yet. Please pray for Me! Thank you so much. God is my rock!

  76. Lala says:

    My husband is getting a biopsy today. I am very anxious and nervous. Please pray for him. Please pray that test is negative for any cancer or diseases. Thank you. God is good!

  77. Bethany Capuano says:

    Please please Lord let my test results come back negative for breast cancer. I love you with all my heart and trust you but I’m nervous.
    Thank you for your strength and healing me in advance.

  78. Valencia says:

    Please pray for me and my family. I just had bowel resection surgery and will go for a follow up on Thursday to have the staples removed. One of the Doctors said they’re doing a biopsy on surrounding tissue or lymp nodes. I’m praying that everything will continue to be finand that I will heal from the surgery due to Diverticulitis. And all is well and I am 100 percent healthy. I have two sons and my husband. I want to be around for them for a long time and in good health. I pray that Almighty God hears my prayers. Thank you Lord Jesus in advance for healing me and letting the biopsy results come back normal. Thank you Father God. In Jesus name Amen!

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Valencia, I am in prayer for you now. Father God, thank you for walking beside us, always. Not just when times are hard, but at all times. I pray that this process will strengthen Valencia’s faith. May it create a new awareness of your presence and your love for her. I pray for her family as they walk in this valley. May they recognize your sovereignty and live in your peace that passes all understanding.

  79. Jose says:

    I recently undergone Medical Exam for employment abroad and i am very much concerned about a Mitral Valve regurgitation problem in my Heart that has been spotted before. I would like to ask for your prayers that i may pass this medical test and be accepted for the Job i am applying for. It is very much important for me and my family to have this job as i am currently working as a part time employee only.
    I pray our Almighty God to grant me this. Amen!

  80. Lisa says:

    please pray for my follow-up Mammogram to come back completely normal. The hospital called me to say I need to come back in for another look at my breast and that the radiologist would be there to explain
    anything to me. My appointment is tomorrow, April 26, 2018 at 1:00pm central time. In Jesus name. Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Lisa, I am in prayer for you. Both as you wait for this next appointment, and also in receiving the results. Lord, we submit ourselves to your will, knowing that You always have our back. That nothing can happen to us that will cause us to lose your grace, mercy, companionship, and help.

  81. Santosh Subba says:

    Praise the lord… This is Swe from IndiaAs everyone says Prayer has a healing power but today I desperately need a prayer for my Husband Santos.. it’s been just 6 month we got married but unfortunately my husband is bleeding from semen which is so much alarming.. he has gone many medical test but still semen test and ultra sound test is on wed and Thursday m very much depressed as doctor said there might be a chance of 40% presence of cancer m so much scared 1yrs back I lost my dad due to cancer I don’t wanna lose my husband again please prayer for the good medical result in Jesus name… please m trying to seeking God wherever I can get.. I am looking for all the sites so that I can get helping prayer from u all… please prayer for my Husband that he don’t bleed again during test and nothing can be found during ultrasound that everything goes normal…. Thank You so much….

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Swe, I am in prayer for Santos. I know this is very stressful for you and him. I am praising the Lord that you know Jesus as your Savior. How wonderful that the good news of the Gospel has reached you in India. God is with you. He will never leave you. Losing your dad to cancer was traumatic, and it left a wound in your heart, and fear. When we are tested with health problems, that fear of loss comes to our mind and creates anxiety. I completely understand. I want you to know that you are not alone. I see you. I want you to know that God is taking care of your heart, as I write this. He is holding you, comforting you, and He will not let you fall. He knows that your husband is sick. He is not alarmed or surprised by this news. He has this situation under control. No matter what happens, He is on this journey with you. Holding your hand. He sets a banquet table for you and Santos and invited you to feast on His love, mercy and healing. I am praying that you will find the answers you need quickly. That the Drs will be wise and have knowledge in how to treat him. That he will experience a full and complete healing and that this hard time will draw you closer to God and to each other. Holding your hand across the sea.

  82. Santosh Subba says:

    Praise the lord ….M swe from India..Lord please help my husband santosh with no cancer and tumor found in him.. my husband is bleeding from semen he has gone for blood test and urine test but everything seem to be normal and two more test is required ultra sound and semen test which is helpful to detect weather the cancer is present or not… Therefore I have been trying to send this msg since few daes which is not being able to connect with you… it’s just been 5 months we have got married.. Please pray for my husband that medical test report would come out with everything normal with no cancer presence… He has a senen test on wed please for him that he dont bleed from his semen again and he has an ultra sound test on thurs please pray for him that no tumor can be found in any parts of his body…. please pray for him that everything is normal and out of danger in the name of Jesus. Amem

    • Holly Nelson says:

      I know you must be scared. I am glad you found my site, so that I can pray for you both. Sending you love from America. Trust in the Lord with all of your might and lean not to your own understanding.

  83. Shamin says:

    Please pray that my test result came back with good results. I need your powerful prayer. Yesterday my uncle called while I was sitting reading my Bible and it was like God just asked him to reach out to me to guide me in serving God the right. I need the chance to show the lord that I can serve him faithfully and be a better person. Please prayer that my test results is normal and there is no danger. In Jesus’s name I ask Amen

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Shamin, please know that your test results are not attached to God’s love for you. You do not have to be a perfect person to approach the Lord, or to feel safe with Him. There are no good works that we can do to earn His approval, or good test results. How we live, and the kind of person that we are, is tied to how much we die to self. This is a very hidden, yet SWEET, process that we do in our closet. Our outward service to Him comes from this well spring of death to self. Death to our own ego. Assuming the abundance that God is at all times. Bless you, and I know the Lord will keep you.

  84. Shamin says:

    I know Holly but I really need you to prayer for good test results for me. I know that I can serve the lord so much that I ever did before and do his work rejoicing in his word.
    I don’t know exactly how to explain it in words but I know what I mean in my heart.

  85. Helen says:

    Please pray for me as i await my medical test results..My God is ever faithful..i trust that he will do this for me and i will again testify of his greatness..please pray with me as i wait

  86. Tonya says:

    I’m asking for prayers I had a breast biopsy this past Friday morning in have to wait over this long holiday weekend for the results on Wednesday please pray that the results are negative and every test is negative for cancer or anything else. I am very worried but in trying to go on with my days as usual And trying not to think about it but it is rough any and all prayers are welcomed and appreciated

  87. Sharlette says:

    I’m asking for prayers I had a chest xray and they seen a nodule on my right upper lobe. My CT Scan is this Wednesday please pray that my module is negative for cancer. I’m scare trying to get through this. I truly need prayers

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Sharlette, I am praying with you right now. You are not alone. These times in our life allow us to draw near to the heart of God, who is more tender and more caring than we know. He is here for you. Reach out to Him. Call out to Him. He doesn’t turn away a tender heart. Much love and hugs to you.

  88. BETTY says:

    Please pray for my daughter – she is having an MRI on Wednesday and is very very anxious and worried. She lives so far away from me in America and I worry about her constantly – she had such a positive outlook on everything but lately a few medical worries have completely changed her.
    Please, please let this result come back clear and all her other results so that she can get her life back on tract and back to the usually bubbly/confident young woman that she once was whereby absolutely nothing bother her.

    A very very concerned mother.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Awwww, Betty, I am so sorry you are both going through this. My heart goes out to you as a mother. It is really difficult to be far away from your children when they are suffering. Of one thing, I am confident. That our Father, fathers our children when we cannot be with them. I am praying that you will find calm and strength in giving your daughter completing into God’s hands, know that He has her best interests at heart. I am also praying that your daughter will cast her cares upon God, leaving her need to control or to worry in His capable hands. May you both find strength in weakness, and a deep joy that comes from coming through faith-building issues like this. Many hugs.

  89. Patricia says:

    My son Mike needs prayer for good test results.

  90. Nicole says:

    Please pray for me for my upcoming pre employment results for nursing especially for my TB result. I just had a blood test and a chest x-ray. I am hoping and praying that the results will come out negative. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Nicole, I am praying for you. You are very needed as a nurse, and will bless many with your care. I know the Lord has a beautiful plan for your career and is preparing the way. Thank you for choosing to care for others as your mission.

  91. BettyBabineaux says:

    Please pray for my husband c a t scan comes out good

  92. Adlin says:

    please pray for me…I am having stomach pain from Many days.. now I am to gyno for consultation and tests ..hope everything comes normal…

  93. Ashley says:

    My mother suffers from kidney disease and liver disease. The specialist has advised my mother that she is currently on the last stage of kidney failure and her liver as well is not looking good. My mother is waiting for test results from her renal specialist to see what would be the next step of treatment; such as dialysis. The specialist also advised her that he would like to place her on the kidney and liver transplant list. The specialist stated that a miracle can be the only thing to bring her kidneys up from 10 percent. I believe prayer is very powerful. Please pray for my mother; Irene Escamilla ????

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Ashley, I join you in prayer for your mother, Irene. “Our Father, who art in heaven, we cherish your name above all names. You are He who created us. You know every cell in our body. You know the journey of life and death for each of us. We place ourselves and dear Irene in your capable hands to do your will. Thank You for giving us the faith to do that. No matter how you choose to heal her, we will trust You and praise your name.”

  94. jackie wilson says:

    Please pray for my brother who will be having a biopsy in a couple of weeks. Pray that he is given a clean bill of health. God is able. Thank you.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Jackie, you have my prayers for your brother! Ephesians 3:20-21 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

  95. jackie wilson says:

    Thank you Holly. Be blessed.

  96. Ivy says:

    Please pray for my brother who will undergo a series of lab test in order for him to qualify to work.please pray that all the lab test will be normal! Thank you & God bless everyone.

  97. Ivy says:

    Please pray for my brother who will undergo a series of lab test in order for him to qualify to work.please pray that all the lab test will be normal! Thank you & God bless everyone.thank you so much

  98. jacqueline wilson says:

    Please keep my brother in prayer. Test results revealed prostate cancer, but the doctor stated it was caught early. Pray for healing and his treatment will not keep him from working. Also pray for my brother in law who is having colon issues, seems there is blockage, Pray for healing for both. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  99. Rich luc says:

    I am having a ct scan. Please pray that all goes well. I also pray for all of you to have good health and fortune. GOD BLESS you all.

  100. Lise silguero says:

    I know this is such short notice for a week I’ve been dreading what my results will be for a panel of tests I had done I have a son w a disability w whom I need to raise he is autistic I feel I’ve had symptoms of thyroid or diabetes please keep me in prayer that my test today at 6:40 p. m will come back negative.. So I can raise my son in complete health.
    n with with no

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Lise, I also raised a special needs son. I truly understand how much we need our health to be okay for them. This is not short notice for God. He knew this was going to unfold like it is long before now, and has been at work, redeeming this situation for your good and His glory. Trust in that, my friend. He has never let me down, no matter how hard the circumstances.

  101. Kristen says:

    I am awaiting blood test results and am grateful and hopeful that Jesus has healed me. The tests were yesterday and am supposed to hear back from the Doctor’s office today. I just need a little extra support in this time of fear. To Everyone on here, I pray that God continues to bless you.

  102. Nan says:

    Please someone help me. I am waiting on test results whch were orderedbecause my doctor felt something looked bad. I am a mess cant eat or sleep. J haveng been the best christian and i wonder how to pray for a muracle. I need support . Please

  103. anubhav pal says:

    Please pray for my mother’s health she will undergo abdomen ultrasound, a week back her liver enzymes were elivated and there was some traces of Invisible blood and protein in her urine samples so she is undergoing to take ultrasound and blood tests and urine tests repeated. She is a kidney transplant patient and have schizophrenia as well she is taking monthly injection for that. I just need prayer for her health and clean urine and blood tests as well as clear ultrasound atleast .. please I need a prayer answered..

    • Holly Nelson says:

      I join you in prayer for your mother. Mother’s are so important to the civilization of the world. You have a lot on your plate there. I send you compassion, knowing what you are going through. May you see the hand of God in the midst of this circumstance. May you hear His still, small voice and respond to Him.

  104. Dee says:

    My husband has kidney cancer. Today he is having scans to see if it has grown or moved to new places. We have unbelievable anxiety and feel so alone. Need help in dealing with the feeling of being totally helpless in the whole scheme of things.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Dee, my goodness, sweetheart. That is a lot of stress for both of you. And no one really understands what you are going through, unless they have been there. It is hard to find and feel support from others when we are going through these valleys. I want you to print this off and put it on the walls of your house. On the bathroom mirror. Mediate on it. There is life in the Word of God. Psalm 118:17 “I shall not die, but live, and {h} declare the works of the LORD. So that all, that are both far and near, may see his mighty power.” Psalm 73:28 “But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.” Psalm 116:8 “For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.”

  105. sara says:

    Thank you for this wonderful Prayer. Feeling blessed. I prayed with these soulful words when I was waiting for my test result. The result turned Normal. May God continue to bless us.

  106. Bridget Eatmon says:

    I am praying for the results of my biopsy. I am trusting God that the results come back negative.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Bridget, I join you in prayer, knowing that the universe of our God is one of abundance. He has already provided ALL that we need. We can trust Him to take care of us. We can rest at night, knowing that He is in charge and will never allow something to happen to us, that He is not capable of redeeming. Hugs, sister.

  107. Lorraine Hernandez says:

    Need miracle prayers for my husband Wallace as he awaits his blood test results tomorrow on his prostate…We both trust in our loving lord…

  108. Sheilagh Romero says:

    I need prayers for peace and trust while I wait for the results of my biopsy. praying and hoping with all my heart and soul that the cancer has not returned. But I am weak and all I can do is cry and beg God for some kind of sign while I wait. Go I know I’m not supposed to ask for a sign I really need some peace and I really don’t want the cancer to come back. And I pray for my husband that is pancreas problems have not returned. We are both very weak, scared, and more afraid and I think I’ve ever been in my life.

  109. Karol says:

    Please pray for my Best Friend Eleen Tan, she has Ovarian hematoma, she has ovary tissue testing last Thursday , her report will be out this afternoon, she is worried and I would like to pray for her to ease her worries.
    Please help to pray for her.


    • Holly Nelson says:

      I am joining you in prayer, Karol. “Lord, come beside dear Eleen, and help her to feel the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit, that she may have your peace that passes all understanding. We thank you for Your protection and and provision and we submit our will to Yours, as you our loving Papa and know what is our highest calling.” Amen.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Please pray for me. A mass was found on my liver. Doctors are very positive it isn’t anything bad. I’ve also been having digestive issues as well. I’m seeing a GI specialist tomorrow and getting an MRI on Thursday. I pray it isn’t anything serious that can not be cured. I’ve been going through so much anxiety and stress. And my children are starting to notice. I pray all my test come back good with no issues. I place my trust in God.

        • Holly Nelson says:

          Elizabeth, I am praying for you, my dear. The Lord has good plans for you. Plans for a future and to prosper you. Even now, in your distress, He is prospering you in developing a deeper faith walk and dependence on Him. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings and to be real with the good people in your life. It is okay for your children to know that you are feeling stress, so they can love on you. Showing them how to walk in the valley in dependence on God, while still being fully human is so healthy for you and for them. Hugs, my friend.

  110. Lisa says:

    Pray for my sister who is fighting pancreatic cancer stage 4 mets to lungs we are believing in a miracle healing. She was diagnosed in May 2019. Today she goes for her chemo treatment and will gets results of a scan to help determine if the tumor is reacting to treatments. We are praying for good news. Please join our prayer. Pleading with the lord for his mercy and healing… calm peace strength … physical healing.
    Thank you for continued prayer for my sister Donna.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Lisa, I am praying for your brave sister. This is a battle that the Lord specializes in. The Psalmist speaks to me here, “Yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” So much easier said than done, certainly, but the promise of safety that is apparent in those words is comforting. I continue to join you in praying that God’s will be done, and in all that we glorify the Lord with our lives.

  111. Diana says:

    Please pray my blood test and culture test come back negative for any bad news i trust in the lord amen lord hear my prayer

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Diana, I have been in prayer for your situation. Know that no matter what, God is still in charge. He hasn’t lost you, or lost his care of you. He knows you intimately and has created you for a special purpose. Hugs.

  112. Katina says:

    Please pray for me that my lab tests are negative and that my fibroids are shrinking.

    • Holly Nelson says:

      Katina, I am joining you in praying for God’s will for your life. I praise Him for his deep love for you. I praise Him for knowing you more than you know yourself. He knows what you need right now and promises to redeem everything, even the hard things and struggles. Hugs.

  113. Johnnie Mae says:

    I’m asking for prayer of agreement because I have to see my doctor today for my sonogram results, urine, blood test and colo test results. I also need prayer for my spine and bones to be healed, in fact I need complete healing in my body. Thank you for praying and agreeing with me in prayer. God Bless you.

  114. audrey says:

    I am in need of a prayer for my daughter Evi, who will be receiving response from her medical test today. I pray in Jesus name that the lab test are negative and that she is healthy.
    thank you in advance for your prayers.

  115. Trudy Fulford says:

    Please pray for my boyfriend to have good bloodwork results today.
    Over that past 6 months he’s lost a lot of weight and a nurse told him he has a “crackle” sound in his lung.
    Today he may receive the bloodwork results.
    Please Almighty god have the bloodwork results good.
    In your name …

  116. Trudy Fulford says:

    Please pray for my boyfriend to have good bloodwork results today.
    Over that past 6 months he’s lost a lot of weight and a nurse told him he has a “crackle” sound in his lung.
    Today he may receive the bloodwork results.
    Please Almighty god have the bloodwork results good.
    In your name …

  117. Dee says:

    Please pray for me as I await word from a second opinion on a liver lesion. I am with the doctor right now. On Jesus’ name I declare healing.

  118. Okoro destiny says:

    Please pray me,we are been as to run for covid 19 at work, please pray that we will all come out negative in the mighty Name of JESUS

  119. tim says:

    please pray for my fiance linda as she has this pet scan done today . i pray that the lord will defy science and that he will do a miracle an everything will be back to normal. all her blood tests will show no signs of blood cancer and that the pet scan today will show no signs of cancer

  120. Rachel says:

    Please pray for my mom, Leslie, as she awaits results of blood tests this Tuesday. Prayers for her peace of mind as she awaits and prayers for good results to be given to her. Amen. Thank you ??

  121. Laur says:

    Hi there- I was wondering could everyone please pray for my mum who is awaiting her biopsy results on Monday. Please please god may it be nothing serious.
    I have every faith in you god- and we need our mum! Please please god may our worrying be put at ease and everything ok.

  122. Patty says:

    Please pray for good test results for my son for pancreatic cancer. He is 36 & my only child.

  123. S says:

    Please pray for my 30 year old boyfriend. They found a lesion on his spinal cord and are afraid is it multiple sclerosis. We are awaiting further MRI results. Prayers and positive energy are greatly appreciated.

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