Prayer – Walking in the Valley of Death

Our Shepherd, who promises to walk through the dark Valley of Death with us, your sheep, we petition you. This is a grievous time for all involved, and our hearts our breaking. It is a time when the effects of a sin-cursed world are pushed right up in our faces, and we HAVE to pay attention.

But, dear Shepherd, this is also a time to rejoice in your Salvation, which sets our spirits FREE from the curse of sin. It is a time to fellowship in Your sufferings, and to think of Your taking on our sins, and how awful that must have felt, as Your Father turned His back on you in that moment.

We feel as though life, joy, friends, and health have turned their backs on us. It is so painful; but You, having suffered that for us, know just how we feel.

Dear Shepherd, please gather us, your lambs, with your pierced hands and hold us close to your heart, that has been broken for us, where we can feel Your love shining through all the other things that makes us feel alone and grief-stricken. Amen.

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