Recipe – Thanksgiving Burgers

Last week I spent a memorable evening, with my teenage son, grilling scrumptious Turkey turkey cranberry burgersBurgers aka, ‘Glazed Turkey Burgers’, pg 316, in Better Homes and Gardens NEW Cook Book. This was more than a mere moment in time, this was a momentous occasion in my life, a celebration! Being able to be up and about, of an evening, doing one thing I really love (cooking) was a triumph. Having been in two car wrecks in the last three years, I now know chronic pain and disability and all the life changes that come with that. It is a long journey, of which I will speak more in coming posts, but for now, I want to focus on the seemingly little things in life that mean so much, only after they have been taken away. That is why I have given these burgers a name with a double meaning.

As I was mixing the meat with all the amendments: bread crumbs, eggs, finely chopped celery, snipped dried cranberries and seasonings, I was struck by how many of the ingredients were synonymous with a traditional American Thanksgiving feast. A time when family can come together and remember all the things that God has been gracious to accomplish in their lives.

So, I renamed them to ‘Thanksgiving Burgers’, and we had a little feast, and time to thank God for how far He has brought us, and all the regular things in life, that I have missed in the last three years, that He has graciously allowed me to enjoy again.

Moral of this Recipe? Find something to thank God for, a little thing, that would mean so much if it were taken away. And keep on cooking with joy!

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