Without a Vision, the People Perish

The vision will pull you forward, if you are obedient to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit within you, and if you don’t feed the fear.

Be careful that you don’t start giving God directions, concerning your life, as filtered by the vision that He has given you.

Your eyes will adjust to the level of deficiency of your sight and so will the desires of your heart, if you let it. Without a clear vision for your future, you stay in “what you currently know”. Have you adjusted your vision to the level of what has happened up until now? Have you been programmed by past statements that are negative?Has your vision been corrupted or strangled altogether?

These are the messages my heart absorbed while growing up:

“You can’t do it!”
“You aren’t worth it!”
“Wish you never were born!”
“You are stupid, retarded, slow.”
“We just don’t understand you at all.”

We hold on to deficiency. They will stunt your vision. Ask yourself, “What deficiencies am I holding on to?”

“I am too young.”
“I am too old.”
“My kids are too little.”
“My husband wouldn’t understand.”
“My friends will make fun of me.”

Be pregnant with Vision, you have to take extra good care of yourself and that which you carry. Feed the vision with prenatal vitamins. Don’t expose your vision to people that are are haters and naysayers. They might kill off the fetus before it can be born. Eat healthy – get rid of the habits that will keep you from having a successful birth.

Be willing to do the things that scare you.

If God gave you the vision, He will give you the provision.

Affirm the vision every single day. Say, “I am…” statements. Not, “I will…” People become what they say they are. Know what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Live with intention and purpose.

Not confused – but awaiting clarity. Stay focused.

Never judge your clarity on how other people receive your vision, or choices.

Don’t beg God for your vision. Be still, and let your daily spiritual practice be the avenue by which God can speak to you.  Listen for instruction, don’t beg for it. Breathe, Listen, Shut Your Mouth, Listen, Be Still, and listen.

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